Monday, April 12, 2010

How can I grow more of the plants I love?

Plant Propagation        
April 17, 2010
AgriLife Extension Office of Travis County, 1600 B Smith Rd, Austin TX  78721

Learning how to propagate from existing plants is a great way to populate your garden or pass along your favorites to friends.  This seminar covers various propagation methods including cuttings, layering, and division, and help you overcome that fear of starting plants from seeds.  The seminar will be part presentation, part participation so class size is limited to 30 participants.  Please call the Master Gardener Help Desk at (512) 854-9600 to reserve your place.  Participants must also bring scissors and an empty, clear plastic, 2 liter soda bottle with lid for the hands-on project.

This seminar is free and open to the public.  It is presented by the Travis County Master Gardeners Association, a volunteer arm of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service in Travis County. or call the Travis County Master Gardener's help desk at (512) 854-9600.


  1. I really enjoyed this class. It taught a great deal on propagating plants. Also, I enjoyed the fact that you can get a cutting from a friends plant and there you go with proper care in the setup you now can enjoy the plant yourself. Hopefully there will be more classes on propogating. Thanks.

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