Friday, January 22, 2016

Dealing with Drought in the Landscape Series - Austin

Learn ways to help your landscape and garden perform while conserving, preserving and protecting our water resources. Starting February 2016, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service‐Travis County will be offering monthly seminars on Dealing with Drought in the Landscape.

When: 10 a.m. to noon
Where: Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service‐Travis County, 1600‐B Smith Road, Austin, 78721
Cost: $10/seminar for early registration; $15/seminar for late or on‐site
NO cash accepted ‐ checks and credit cards only.

Space is limited so register on‐line early to reserve your seat!

Register by Phone: 979‐845‐2604
Contact: Sue Carrasco, 512‐854‐9610 or

February 11 - Effects on Insect Ecology: How You Can Help
The talk covers why insects and other arthropods are important to humans and other animals, how drought impacts various insect groups and how people can help attract and keep insects in their yard even in times of drought.   Wizzie Brown serves as Program Specialist – IPM in the Austin metroplex encompassing Travis County and surrounding counties. Visit her blog at

March 10 - Lawn Maintenance for Water Conservation
When there are drought conditions in Central Texas, landscape  plants become water-stressed so it’s important to look at how you are caring for your lawn to help it survive. Learn how to look for signs of insects, diseases and weeds. Find out the best way to water, fertilize, and mow your lawn. Daphne Richards, County Extension Agent—Horticulture leads educational programming in the areas of home horticulture, urban agriculture, and the green industry.

April 14 - Rainwater Harvesting for Landscape Use
Take advantage of a rainwater collection system to help your landscape, trees and lawn survive Central Texas’ drought conditions.  Master Gardener Ed Parken will discuss ways to collect rain, how to use it and ways to add art to a tank. He will provide a tutorial on PVC pipe construction and a tour of the rainwater collection system at the Extension Office Demonstration Garden.

May 12 - Tree Care
Many trees are stressed by prolonged periods of hot, dry weather. Selecting trees that use water efficiently is one way to make your landscape more resistant to drought. Learn about several tree maintenance procedures to increase a tree’s chance during drought such as mulching, proper pruning, limiting fertilization and supplemental irrigation.  Lara Schuman, an ISA Certified Arborist and acting Program Manager at City of Austin Urban Forestry will share her knowledge on caring for trees.

June 9 - Texas Tough Plants
Are you looking for colorful, low-maintenance plants for your garden? Join us to learn about some terrific Texas native plants that can bring beauty and function to your garden while being well adapted to handle Texas’ blazing summers, drought, and other weather extremes. In addition to being water-wise, native plants provide great benefits to pollinators and birds.   4-H CAPITAL’s gardening specialist and Texas Master Naturalist Meredith O’Reilly will guide you in choosing the right natives for your yard and your garden.