Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Interested in Joining the Ranks of the Fabulous Travis County Master Gardeners? Here's Your Chance

Have you always wondered just who exactly are the Travis County Master Gardeners and how their title is earned?

Here's just a little info to whet your appetite:

The Master Gardeners are volunteers who support the efforts of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service through community education in horticulture. Not every county is lucky enough to have this program, but Travis County has a great one. And a great group of Master Gardeners. These dedicated people devote a significant amount of time volunteering in our community. Have you ever called our Extension office in Travis County or sent us an email and asked a horticultural question? Chances are, a very knowledgeable Master Gardener assisted you.

Before becoming Master Gardeners, these folks must attend a very rigorous, but enjoyable, training program. Offered a maximum of once per year in Travis County, this program provides training in such topics as basic horticulture/botany; native and adapted plants; plant pathology; entomology and integrated pest management; tree care; lawn care; and many others.

Deadlines for this year's program are fast approaching. Are you interested in learning more about the application process? Visit the following link to get all the details.

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