Monday, September 21, 2009

Who can resist new plants?

Looking forward to adding some new plants to your garden but not the cost of buying them? Wondering how to grow a cutting from a friend's plant to successfully put in your garden?

Propagation 101: Growing New Plants for Your Garden
Saturday, Sept, 26, 2009, 11am-1pm

Yarborough Branch, Austin Public Library
2200 Hancock Dr.
Austin TX

Attend this free seminar on plant propagation and learn how to grow your own plants from seeds or existing plants. Attendees will learn multiple ways to propagate plants including cutting, layering, division, and seed propagation. In addition, learn tips on transplanting and care for your new plants to get them off to a strong start when planted.

This seminar is free, open to the public and requires no reservations. It is presented by the Travis County Master Gardeners Association, a volunteer arm of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service in Travis County. For more details, see or call the Travis County Master Gardener's help desk at (512) 854-9600.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Double Digging and Raised Bed Construction

Join us Friday, September 25, 9 AM for a hands-on demonstration at the Travis County AgriLife Extension Service Office.

The Green Corn Project will explain the benefits of Double Digging (a method of loosening and aerating the soil that allows roots to grow deeper and access water more easily). In addition, the Travis County Master Gardeners will demonstrate constructing a raised bed. Volunteers are needed to help with the digging and incorporation of the compost. Necessary tools are provided. If volunteering, please wear closed toed shoes and gloves. This free event is sponsored by the Travis County Master Gardeners Association, a volunteer arm of AgriLife Extension Service.

Double Digging and Raised Bed Construction
Friday, September 25, 2009
9 am - 11 am
Demonstration Garden, Texas AgriLife Extension Service Office
1600 “B” Smith Rd
Austin TX

Sunday, September 13, 2009

You CAN build that pond yourself- come learn how.

Join us Saturday, September 19, to learn all about how to build your own backyard pond. This is a free seminar, but space is limited so we are asking those interested to call the Extension office at 854-9600 and ask for the Master Gardeners desk to reserve a space at the seminar. The seminar will be held at the beautiful grounds of the American Botanical Council, loaded with beds of culinary and medicinal plants. So if you have been thinking of adding a water feature to your garden, sign up now and learn what supplies you'll need, how to build , and how to maintain a backyard pond. In addition, get help on selecting the right plants and fish.

Do-It-Yourself Pond Building
Saturday, Sept 19, 2009
American Botanical Council
6200 Manor Rd.
Austin TX

Friday, September 11, 2009

Take charge of your garden design this weekend

Have you been thinking of redesigning your garden or creating a new planting bed? Attend the Travis County Master Gardener free seminar on landscape design and learn the basics of good landscape design practices. This seminar will help you learn how to analyze your needs, formulate a concept plan and transform all of it into a final planting plan.

Redesigning Your Gardens

Saturday, Sept 12, 2009
Old Quarry Branch, Austin Public Library
7051 Village Center Dr (off Far West Blvd.)